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About Shiddiky Group

Dr Shiddiky’s research is focused on the development of next generation of microfluidics, electrochemistry, plasmonics and nanotechnology based biosensing tools to alleviate current problems in patient care, especially in cancer, infectious diseases and neurodegenerative diseases. The Shiddiky group is working together with chemists, biomedical engineers, biologists and clinicians for the development of novel nanomaterials, translational medicine technologies and devices for diagnosing, monitoring and treating these diseases.

Point-of-care (POC) devices

A general theme in this work is to develop devices and methods that can be used at the time and place of patient care (i.e., point-of-care) using minimum specialised infrastructure and equipment. Taking advantages of recently discovered genetic, epigenetic and other novel molecular biomarkers, our group is focused on novel molecular bioassays to develop simple and inexpensive diagnostic technologies for POC detection of cancer, infectious and neurodegenerative diseases.

Artificial enzymes for biosensing

Natural peroxidases are widely used to oxidise organic substrates in the biocatalysis and bioseparation processes. Recently, it has been shown that ferromagnetic nanoparticles exhibit enzyme mimetic activity similar to that found in natural peroxidases. We are pursuing studies of developing novel strategies for the detection of molecular and cellular biomarkers using highly porous magnetic nanoparticles with superparamagnetic property.

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We maintain an integrated and interactive research environment within the group and with collaborative laboratories, where 3 to 4 students work in a team on related projects. The novice students are directly supervised by Dr Shiddiky as well as assisted by senior PhD students. We also emphasise on highly focused project-based effective partnership with collaborative laboratories to speed up the ongoing and emerging research activities. Weekly lab meetings on every Monday are designed to facilitate brainstorming and maintaining this interactive environment in the group. The interdisciplinary efforts and highly integrated and interactive culture of our group help us to publish high quality research articles in the top ranked journals in the field (i.e., JACS, Analytical Chemistry, ACS Nano, Biosensors and Bioelectronics, Chemical Communications, Lab on a Chip, Clinical Chemistry, Scientific Reports, etc). Some selected papers published in past 6 months are –

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(109) Kseniia Boriachek, Mostafa Kamal Masud, Carlos Palma, Hoang-Phuong Phan, Yusuke Yamauchi, Md. Shahriar A. Hossain, Nam-Trung Nguyen, Carlos Salomon, and Muhammad J. A. Shiddiky

Avoiding Pre-Isolation Step in Exosome Analysis: Direct Isolation and Sensitive Detection of Exosomes Using Gold-Loaded Nanoporous Ferric Oxide Nanozymes
Publication year: 2019

(108) Dr. Shunsuke Tanaka, Mostafa Kamal Masud, Dr. Yusuf Valentino Kaneti, Dr. Muhammad J. A. Shiddiky, Prof. Amanullah Fatehmulla, Prof. Abdullah M. Aldhafiri, Prof. W. Aslam Farooq, Prof. Yoshio Bando, Dr. Md. Shahriar A. Hossain, Prof. Yusuke Yamauchi

Enhanced Peroxidase Mimetic Activity of Porous Iron OxideNanoflakes
Publication year: 2019

(107) Mostafa Kamal Masud Muhammad Umer Md. Shahriar A. Hossain Yusuke Yamauchi Nam-Trung Nguyen Muhammad J.A. Shiddiky

Nanoarchitecture Frameworks for Electrochemical miRNA Detection
Publication year: 2019

(106) Yusuf Kaneti, Ni Luh Wulan Septiani, Indra Saptiama, Xuchuan Jiang, Brian Yuliarto, Muhammad J A Shiddiky, Nobuyoshi Fukumitsu, Yong-Mook Kang, Dmitri GOLBERG and Yusuke Yamauchi

Self-Sacrificial Templated Synthesis of Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Macroporous Honeycomb-Like ZnO/ZnCo2O4 Hybrid for Carbon Monoxide Sensing
Publication year: 2019

Meet our team

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Dr Muhammad J. A. Shiddiky

Dr Shiddiky graduated with a PhD from Pusan National University (South Korea) before coming to Australia in 2007 as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Monash University.
He is currently a Senior Lecturer and Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) CDF Fellow in the School of Natural Sciences at ...



Pusan National University, Busan, South Korea



Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh


BSc (Hons)

Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Mostafa Kamal Masud
PhD Student (co-supervision with Prof Y. Yamauchi, UQ)
Victor Akpe
PhD Student
Narshone Soda
PhD Student
Ripon Bhattacharjee
PhD Student